Archive Page: The Voices Project has ended. This page is being retained as a historical record of the research conducted by this project. It is no longer being updated since 2014.
Voices for Innovation

Voices for Innovation

About us

The Project Coordinator

Ecsite - the European network of science centres and museums
89/7, Avenue Louise
B-1050, Brussels


Project Coordinator: Marzia Mazzonetto, Senior Project Manager
Catherine Franche, Executive Director
Luisa Marino, Project Manager

Academic Team (Athena Institute, VU University Amsterdam)

Project Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jacqueline E.W. Broerse (M.Sc.)
Research team: Dr. Frank Kupper (M.Sc., M.A.); Dr. Janneke E. Elberse (M.Sc., M.A.); Lia van der Ham (M.Sc.); Barbara M. Tielemans (M.Sc.); Wanda S. Konijn (M.Sc.); Anna van Luijn (M.Sc.); Fiona Budge (M.Sc.); Tirza de Lange (M.Sc.); Durwin H.J. Lynch (M.Sc.); Marzia Mazzonetto (MAS); Willemijn M. den Oudendammer (M.Sc.); Inge Schalkers (M.Sc.); Samuel J.C. Schrevel (M.Sc.); Dr. ir. Rianne Hoopman (M.Sc.); Samuel Ho (M.Sc.); Sarah Cummings (M.Sc.); Rylan Coury (B.Sc.)

Communication Team

Formicablu srl
via de' gandolfi 14/A
40128 Bologna
Elisabetta Tola, Francesca Conti, Marco Boscolo, Marco Montanari, Nicola Nosengo, Angela Simone, Teresa Burzigotti, Gianluca Costantini, Lorenzo Deverini

VOICES Project Officer @EC

Dionysia Lagiou, Principal Administrator - Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation, B6 Ethics and Gender, European Commission (January - December 2013)
Karen Fabbri, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation, B7-Science with and for Society, European Commission (January - July 2014)


Michael Creek, consultant on European projects

VOICES Third Parties

Advisory Group

The VOICES Focus Group approach was validated by the VOICES Advisory Group, composed of 10 experts in public participation, RRI, urban waste/environment issues, social innovation, governance, qualitative methodologies in social research and the science museum field.

The Advisory group convened to fine-tune the methodology, agree on its definitive format and confirm the socio-demographic profiles for the citizens panels of the focus groups used by the recruitment agencies.

Experts of the Advisory Group include:

Consolidation group

The main task of the Consolidation Group is to assess the citizen outcomes of the focus groups held all across Europe on the topic 'Urban Waste'. The aim is to provide the European Commission with advice and expertise on different fields in order to transform citizens' ideas (previously rated by the VOICES Advisory Board) into priorities for the next work programme on 'Urban Waste'.

The two-days Consolidation meeting took place at the European Commission in Brussels on 12-13 June 2013. The composition of the Group was diverse. Participants were selected from research and academia, business/industry/SMEs, public authorities, civil society and non-government organisations, and other key stakeholders.

Experts of the Consolidation Group include:


An independent evaluation will assess and corroborate the quality of the project and the participatory processes providing suggestions for improvements in the future.

The VOICES evaluators are:

Richard Watermeyer

Richard Watermeyer, holds a Ph.D in sociology from Cardiff University's internationally esteemed, School of Social Sciences, and has research interests located at the interface of science and technology studies and the sociology of education. In both areas he is widely published but has special expertise in investigating innovative approaches to 'upstream' engagement and dialogue and interactive and experiential pedagogy. He has written about the expert/public interface in a number of formal and informal educational contexts including science museums/centres; science communication companies and the like.

Through the academic consultancy PIER logistics Ltd, Dr Watermeyer has led a number of UK Government and Government agency evaluations, most frequently in conjunction with Sciencewise.

Gene Rowe

Gene Rowe is a cognitive/social psychologist whose PhD (from Bristol Business School) concerned group forecasting processes. His subsequent work has focused on human judgment and decision making, especially in the 'food' context, and in particular on food risk perception/ management/ communication, as well as on public engagement processes (in science and technology decision making) and the evaluation of these. He has been successful at attaining and managing a variety of national and international projects.

Gene Rowe founded the GRE (Gene Rowe Evaluations) in 2010. The company focuses on conducting primary academic research, desk analysis, and evaluations of public and stakeholder engagement processes.